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Name Centrair Aiport P1 Parking lot
Airport Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO)
Terminal nearby Terminal 1 / Terminal 2
Description We offer a parking lot directly connected to the terminal building of Chubu International Airport Centrair. Open 24 hours, capacity 5,800. We will open a temporary parking lot when crowded. In addition, it is approximately 10 minutes on foot from temporary parking lot to terminal building.
Capacity 3,360
Parking fee Regular fee
(All day) 300 yen per hour
Maximum charge
(All day) per day (24 hours) up to 1,600 yen
From the 5th to the 30th uniformly within the period 8,000 yen (long-term discount applied)
1,000 yen is added every day after 30th
(modified by 2019-9-1)
Parking lot reservation セントレア P1駐車場はオンライン予約可能です。
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Congestion Calendar

-Vacancies -Congested -Full -Suspended -Restricted a part light colored is forcast.
1 Thr
2 Fri
3 Sat
4 Sun
5 Mon
6 Tue
7 Wed
8 Thr
9 Fri
10 Sat
11 Sun
12 Mon
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22 Thr
23 Fri Emperors Birthday
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31 Sat
Each airport's parking lot congestion status on Twitter