Each airport's parking lot congestion status on Twitter


Name Matsuyama Aiport Parking lot no.1
Airport Matsuyama Airport (MYJ)
Description It is available at the same rate regardless of weekdays, weekends and holidays. * Although charges will be accumulated on a daily basis in many airport parking lots, the rates for this parking lot are extremely advantageous because it combines an hourly charge and a flat-rate charge.
Capacity 1,482
Parking fee Hourly rate
From the entrance
Up to 30 minutes free
Up to 60 minutes 100 yen
Up to 90 minutes 200 yen
Up to 120 minutes 300 yen
Every hour thereafter 150 yen
Up to 900 yen every 24 hours
100 yen discount on the maximum price limit (24 hour maximum charge) for the 4th day (after 72 hours)


Congestion Calendar

-Vacancies -Congested -Full -Suspended -Restricted a part light colored is forcast.
1 Fri
2 Sat
3 Sun
4 Mon
5 Tue
6 Wed
7 Thr
8 Fri
9 Sat
10 Sun
11 Mon Health And Sports Day
12 Tue
13 Wed
14 Thr
15 Fri
16 Sat
17 Sun
18 Mon
19 Tue
20 Wed
21 Thr
22 Fri
23 Sat
24 Sun
25 Mon
26 Tue
27 Wed
28 Thr
29 Fri
30 Sat
31 Sun
Each airport's parking lot congestion status on Twitter


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